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Welcome to

The Green Day Nursery

Play. Learn. Grow. 


This is a cosy room that provides a calm nurturing atmosphere where babies can explore and develop with close staff interaction. We have a variety of resources which help our smallest members of the Nursery learn through play. The babies also use the outside areas.


This area is called Top Nursery as we have two buildings and it is in the Top Building. It consists of two rooms, which children have access to throughout the day. We offer age-appropriate toys to help the children learn and develop. We have sand and water play, craft activities, soft play etc. They also have full use of our outdoor area and are regularly outside.


Bottom Nursery is in a self-contained building which consists of two large rooms which the children free flow between. One room has tables for craft opportunities. The larger area is carpeted and laid out in different areas to provide a large selection of opportunities to the children. We have a curiosity area which has real life items allowing the children to role play.

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Our Approach

We are Ofsted registered and cater for up to 60 children, from babies to pre-school nursery children, and a before and after school club.

We are family run, with a substantial number of staff now welcoming the children of previous children to our nursery. Long established team members give the nursery continuity, maturity and experience, and support our younger members of staff and apprentices. We are one big family that likes to see everyone grow, children and staff alike.

What Parents Think

“Very pleased with her level of confidence and interest in all variety of toys and environments. Seems happy and smiley on nursery days. Good relations with other babies and keyworker and staff.”

Emmy's mom

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