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Diverse Learning Environments

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Baby Room

This is a cosy room that provides a calm nurturing atmosphere where babies can explore and develop with close staff interaction.


We have a variety of resources which help our smallest members of the Nursery learn through play. The babies also use the outside areas.


The youngest babies follow their individual routines while they settle into nursery life. Staff ensure they have their bottles and naps as they would at home. We mix up formula milk and are happy to have expressed milk, or parents sometimes can get away from work to breastfeed at lunchtime. We are happy to accommodate any routine to help the little ones to settle.



This area is called Top Nursery as we have two buildings and this area is in the Top Building. It consists of two rooms, which children have access to throughout the day.


We offer age-appropriate toys to help the children learn and develop. The children have choices and free flow between the rooms. We have sand and water play, craft activities, soft play etc. They also have full use of our outdoor area and are regularly outside.


A lot of children in this area still have a midday nap and we have an area we convert with mattresses and cushions to accommodate this. All children have their own bedding provided.

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Bottom Nursery - Preschool Area

It is a self-contained building at the bottom of the garden which consists of two large rooms which the children free flow between. One room has tables for craft opportunities. The larger area is carpeted and is laid out in different areas to provide a large selection of opportunities to the children. We have a curiosity area which has real life items allowing the children to role play. We also have music, books and jigsaw areas. We also offer a variety of different toys and resources that are rotated and enable the children to use their imaginations, constructing, role playing etc.


Physical activities also take place, such as obstacle courses and dancing to name a couple, and this age group use all the outside areas, allowing them to run and climb, use bikes and scooters and role play in Bob’s Yard. There is also an interactive table and a white board that the children use to develop their IT skills.

If the children need a calm space, we have a quiet area with cushions and twinkling lights that the children can access.

School Club

We offer a before and after school club for children that attend Kings Norton Primary School. Different activities are offered, outdoor play with scooters, football, skipping etc. Inside we have a selection of school age resources including an x box and access to the interactive table, and we offer all sorts of craft activities. We also offer a small snack tea to the school children, which can be purchased if required.

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Daily diaries are sent home every day for babies & toddlers, which let you know what your child has been doing during the day and how much they have eaten. The staff are also happy to talk to you about your child's day.

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